About Me

An ardent devotee to the wedding industry since before she could form a complete sentence (seriously, there are pictures to prove it), Jennifer brings to the table an encyclopedic knowledge of every facet of your big day gleaned from years working in event planning.  Need to know where to get the perfect dress?  Jennifer worked in the fashion industry for years so she knows dresses.  Want to know how to cater your wedding with delicious food?  Jennifer is your gal.  Where to get the perfect cake?  Jennifer was a pastry chef who studied at Le Cordon Bleu, so she knows cakes.  Need to find someone to fix your hair at the last minute and ohmygod your make-up is already running and the make-up person has left and what are you going to do, it's all going to be ruined, the world is over and your groom will leave you at the altar?  Jennifer can fix it and won't break a sweat.  So, if you want to scream "YAY" at your wedding, then say hey to Weddings Yay!

Jennifer Forrest
Founder & Creative Director